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A Saudi trainer who strives to build professional personalities and develop employee performance. I am an ambitious woman who transformed life obstacles into opportunities and successes.  My approach to building a  professional personality is unique and simple.  I always view my clients as strategic partners and will work interdependently with every partner to design optimal training and facilitation techniques. That will help achieve their desired goals.  I enable my trainees with the right tools through a fun and engaging environment.   My easy to approach nature captures the audience in an engaging, yet very professional matter that sharpens skills and creates talent. 

My purpose is to develop the next generation of leaders in the public sector, private sector, education, and entrepreneurs in Saudi.  My journey in healthcare inspired me to value patients' needs and cater to them in a humanly and personalized matter.  I trained and facilitated in numerous industries including banking, education, FMCG, ministries, to name but a few. 

I am a writer and a certified life coach who listens and observes to improve the behaviors of individuals and help them lead better and successful lives.

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